Coreggia of Alberobello, a small village in the forest, a few miles from the sea.
Country village of Alberobello, Coreggia formerly belonged to the territory of the city of Egnatia, which is about three kilometers far, 397 m above sea level and with a population of less than 1,000 inhabitants.

The name "Coreggia" comes from CORRIGIA and CORIGIA CORIUM from leather or from CORRIGERE, to straighten, and refers to the strip or leather strap adapted to various uses, especially the ancients used to gird the waist over their clothes, or as a whip or noose around horse's neck. This terminology is due to the presence of the Venetians in the Cavallerizza farm, near to Canal of Pilo.

In the period 1495-1532, in fact, the horses were led into this area to get the fixes.